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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Evalina L. Crapster

Back of painting:   Armstrong,  Painter,  Lancaster,  1833.

( Arthur Armstrong was a portrait painter whose studio was in Lancaster, PA  )

Back of painting also has a note in the upper left corner and 
I was able to read the inscription :

"Mr. Hugh Shaw left Taneytown Sept 1845 for to do business in City of Baltimore...
This likeness presented to Dr. O'Neal by his Ma,  E. L. Shaw.

The painting is of Evalina L. Crapster O'Neal Shaw

Daughter of John Crapster ( 1761-1824) and wife Susanna Klein  ( 1766-1855) 

1st husband Walter O'Neal whom she married in Frederick Co. Maryland 17 January 1820

Their son is Dr. John William Crapster O'Neal who was famous due to his records kept of the dead boys at the battle of Gettysburg. He was born 21 April 1821. 
Walter O'Neal died 27 June 1827. 
Evalina then married  her 2nd husband : Hugh Shaw of Taneytown, Maryland   ( 1806-1865 )

They are indeed on the 1850 census of Baltimore, Maryland. His occupation is "merchant"  

Dr. John William Crapster O'Neal's death certificate states he was born 21 April 1821.  Occupation: Medical  Doctor. Born in Va. 
Father: Walter O'Neal  born VA   Mother:  Evalina Crapster  born  Maryland.  Informant: Virginia O'Neal Huddle of Gettysburg, Pa.
Died 24 April 1913.  Attending physician:  Dr. Walter H O'Neal of Gettysburg Pa. ( son ) 

Evalina and her 2nd husband Hugh Shaw are buried with tombstones at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York County, Penn. 

Hugh Shaw 15 Feb 1806 -   23 May 1865. 
Evalina L. Shaw  22 Dec 1801 -  29 May 1883.

Mr. Armstrong painted Evalina in 1833.  She was born 1801 so she is about 32 in the painting. 

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  1. Wonderful to have the history on the back.
    She was a pretty woman.
    I like her two rings on her hand in the painting