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My booths in Marion

This is probably Meeks or Belter. 

I'm surprised this pine jelly cupboard has not sold yet. 

Both of these pretty pieces sold last week. 

This highboy is probably 1940's. I don't usually buy furniture this new. 

These are very fancy game tables. 

Oil on canvas. I think from the flowers on each side of the bonnet she appears very "Dickens" so this is probably an English woman. 

I think this is also Belter .

This beauty just came in and has paw feet.  I ought to keep it. 

Primitive Alabama walnut pie safe. I don't seem to sell many primitives in the Black Belt.  The owner said,  " We used to sell a lot of primitives."  I said,  " I know because I was the one that bought them all. "  ha

The picture makes this table look junky. I am going to do something about that. 


  1. Love that old pie safe and the Highboy chest. I have a wonderful highboy and have had it in every room in my house at one time or another.
    Also how nice is that nice marble top chest? lovely. You have gorgeous antiques and I enjoy seeing them, and also the painting


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