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From William Bunch Auctions and Appraisals of Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania,  found on AuctionZip,  was a collection today of Battersea Bliston English enamel boxes.

From Taylor B. Williams Enamels found at comes a vast amount of information and photographs about these beautiful little boxes. Here is a short quote from their website:

Perhaps there is nothing in all of English Decorative Arts that has continued to charm and fascinate the collector as much as English enamels on copper. These Georgian enamels were made in England less than a hundred years, from about 1750 to about 1840.

These small enamels, usually little boxes for the taking of snuff or tiny ones for the applying of beauty-spots (known as "patches" two hundred years ago), were often given as tokens of affection or esteem, little love-gifts or "Trifles".

Please visit their fascinating website for a treat.

Here are photos of some of the Battersea  Bliston English enamel  b…