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Evalina O'Neal Shaw

Back of painting: Armstrong, Painter, Lancaster, 1833. ( Arthur Armstrong was a portrait painter whose studio was in Lancaster, PA ) He is known for about 40 documented paintings and is well known among portrait painting experts in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. The back of the painting has a note and I was able to read the inscription as follows: "Mr. Hugh Shaw left Taneytown August 5th 1845 for to do business in City of Baltimore... Shaw and Hickson.... This likeness presented to Dr. O'Neal by his Ma, E. L. Shaw. Mr. Shaw and Mr. Hickson are next door to each other, occupation "merchant" in Baltimore on the 1850 census. The painting is of Evalina L. Crapster O'Neal Shaw She may not be a "famous"person, but her son is ! Daughter of John Crapster ( 1761-1824) and wife Susanna Klein ( 1766-1855) 1st husband Walter O'Neal whom she married in Frederick Co. Maryland 18 January 1820. (The date of the marriage is engraved on the
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I just bought a wonderful BISCUIT TABLE.

I found this rare biscuit table in Southern Mississippi. The top is 200 pounds of granite and the table is about 2 feet square. I've been looking for one for a while now. They are running a race for price and value with sugar chests. This one came from the hills of Tennessee.

A Visit to my Aunt and Uncle's farm in Chilton County

(Photos of Joe Arledge, husband of Lena Lucas. My aunt and uncle during the war and standing as a couple outside of the Wilson Home on Island Street near the library.)................................................................................................................................................................. My mother's sister, Nora Belle Barnett, married my uncle "Check" Carlee. They lived on a farm a few miles southeast of Montevallo in Chilton County. I grew up on a dairy farm that is now Orr Park, but my Uncle Check's farm was an entirely different matter. There were no boring fenced in fields on his farm for herds of milk cows to graze; on the contrary, my uncle's farm consisted of acres and acres of all sorts of vegetable rows, and not a barb wire fence in sight. My mother and I would visit for the day back in the 1960's. I remember picking huge strawberries and field peas ( shelling a bushel was guaranteed to turn your thumb

Carl Weber and dead wife

It's 1850 and photography is a somewhat new invention. Carl Weber is a wealthy individual and his wife has just died. They never had their photograph taken together, so he has the body brought to the photographer and has her posed with the help of wires. She has been dead about four hours, according to most articles on the photograph.

Mary Sandlin Jones and the girls

My great great great grandmother in her bonnet. They are in Madison County, Alabama, at her log cabin. These are six of the seven girls of her son Hiram Melvin Jones : Alta, Louella, Pearl, Irene, Florence, and Emma. My great grandmother had moved to Birmingham and is not in the photo ( Exie ) Their mother was Hiram's wife Mary Lenora Kilpatric Jones.

Let's go for a swim in the lake !

1930's and 1940's photographs aren't so bad either !!!!

The boy with the folded hands

This daguerreotype ( on silver) was exposed in the 1850's. The photographer seems to have preferred to include the hands in the photograph. This young man would also have been of age to serve as a soldier in the War of the Rebellion ( 1861-1865 ) and I hope he wasn't among the 700,000 dead.