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Mystery Football Player

I purchased this 16 x 20 oval wall size football player from an on-line auction. I like the happy look of the guy and the date of the photo seems to be perhaps the era 1910 to 1930ish. 
 I want to know if anyone can tell me what the billboard behind him says.  The first word might be CURTIS ?  but maybe not.   Any guesses or hints, please post or write me at

Jesse Wilson and the founding of the town we call Montevallo

Traditionally, in the South, when we speak of the founder of a town, we cite the name of the first male settler, as if he is the only one who made the effort and thus gets all the credit. We know that the place now called Montevallo was the home for hundreds of years of Native American people, as the fresh water springs, the rocky creek, and the fertile fields were ideal for settlement. But for the purpose of describing the founding of an American town, we ignore anything that happened before 1607 and skip forward to the coming of the Europeans and the building of the American nation. 
As a descendant of the Wilson family, the namesake of "Wilson's Hill" ( Montevallo's name before being changed to Montevallo in the 1820's), I feel I have the right and duty to speak up about the practice of designating a "founder" , and to give my opinion on the matter. 

Jesse Wilson and his brother Benjamin were soldiers of General Andrew Jackson and joined his troops for…

A dark and gaudy house at midnight in Alabama

Oxalis, sedum, moss, and a bunny