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Rambling thoughts on furniture, the 1960's, mid-century stye, and the farmhouse look

Have you ever seen a beautiful Eastlake house? 1870-1885 ca. ? Denver has many. They are beautiful ...Eastlake staircases, door surrounds, doors, windows, filled with Eastlake period furniture. Eastlake beds with headboards seven feet tall and matching dressers and bureaus and armoires? It wasn't popular for over 20 years, but it was indeed a style of its own. I would love living in a fully furnished period Eastlake house. 

The rage here is now mid-century modern ( 1950's; 1960's )....I grew up in our 1958 brick ranch house. Before that, we lived in an overseer's "shack" from the 1850's with no screen wire windows and a double fireplace.  Today there is a magazine that highlights the "farmhouse" style. If you want to sell primitives, just advertise them as "farmhouse furniture" and they will sell. I'm not going to mention "painted" furniture ( white, turquoise, red, blue) that is the rage now in central Alabama.  Underneat…