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1850 Alabama Corner Cabinet

Straight from Alabama's Black Belt comes this primitive pine corner cabinet that stands 7 ft. 9 1/2 inches tall with two over two chamfered pegged doors containing six shelves.

I bought it in Marion and Lloyd 
brought it to the house on Saturday after much anticipation and preparation in choosing the perfect corner.

I decided to follow the old furniture placement rule saying that the tallest piece should be the fartherest from the front door. 

 This proved to be correct and she is already full of Staffordshire and crockery.

The Pilgrim Century Chair has arrived!!

Pilgrim Century furniture is just what the name implies: furniture made in America from 1620 (the arrival of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower) until the year 1720 ( 100 years after the arrival).

I was in contact with a lady who wanted to sell the chair, and I told her that I would be ecstatic to own it. 

She is in the state of Massachusetts and was curious to know why someone in Alabama would have any interest in anything so New England in nature.

I told her that my ancestors the Towne family had lived in Massachusetts during the Pilgrim Century and were part of the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692 and that I wanted some original piece of furniture from the era to represent my Yankee heritage on that line. 

That seemed to convince her that I was worthy. ( I descend from Joseph Towne whose sisters Rebecca Towne Nurse and Mary Towne Easty were hanged as witches. Their sister Sarah was saved because the trials ended and the remaining prisoners were set free.)

It arrived here last week ( delivered…