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1850 Alabama Corner Cabinet

Straight from Alabama's Black Belt comes this primitive pine corner cabinet that stands 7 ft. 9 1/2 inches tall with two over two chamfered pegged doors containing six shelves.

I bought it in Marion and Lloyd 
brought it to the house on Saturday after much anticipation and preparation in choosing the perfect corner.

I decided to follow the old furniture placement rule saying that the tallest piece should be the fartherest from the front door. 

 This proved to be correct and she is already full of Staffordshire and crockery.


  1. I'm so jealous! What a great piece and find. You don't see anything like this down here in Mobile. If you did it would be five thousand or more.

  2. I love the new cabnet. House tours can be good, makes you do a lot of stuff that some how we always put off. But, don't worry, other people do not see the things you see. They just see the over all picture. You will do fine and I am sure your house will be the biggest hit of all. I think it would be a wonderful house to do up for christmas. ,maganolia brances, cedar, pine, winter berries and fruit. Just can see it now. Have a great day. Richard at


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