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What Primitive People Do...Part One... I walked around my house making pictures....

Primitive People agree that children's chairs aren't just for children any more.

Primitive People don't think old portraits are spookly.

They wish Staffordshire dishes were still the rage.

They believe tea boxes under tin lights are a little glimpse of heaven.

They know that one can never stack books too high.

What Primitive People Do... Part 2

They can't stop putting things under tables.

They love small versions of big furniture.

They don't agree that ducks and chickens are an 80's thing.

They know what a hetchel is, and would use it if anyone was still growing flax.

They light candles with names such as pumpkin pie and apple cobler.

What Primitive People Do...Part 3

They have New England redware even if they aren't in New England.

They have theorems on the wall from artists such as Ann Rea.

They hang homespun dresses in corners.

They think sheep are cool.

They put dried things in wooden bowls.

What Primitive People Do...Part Four

They have extra examples to trade sometimes.

They like paintings of animals.

They sometimes fill cupboards with too much stuff.

They like game boards and will put them on tables, lean them against walls, or hang them on a door.

They put rugs under tables.

Primitive people fill cupboards with crocks and churns.

They put more boxes and containers on the wall than most people would.

They hang Jacquard coverlets from cranes.

They fill grain painted wall cupboards with all sorts of old stuff.

They hang hand dipped candles from grappling hooks suspended from ceiling beams.

Now you know what Primitive People do.