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What Primitive People Do...Part 3

They have New England redware even if they aren't in New England.

They have theorems on the wall from artists such as Ann Rea.

They hang homespun dresses in corners.

They think sheep are cool.

They put dried things in wooden bowls.


  1. I am in primitive heaven. I have always loved the old

    I am having fun looking through all your posts and added you to my favorites and put you on the side bar of my blog


    I live in Missouri where the university of Missouri is and Stevens College for girls

  2. Thanks for stopping by My Old Historic House and especially thanks for leaving such a nice comment. I am getting ready for our Apple Fest here in Clarksville,Mo. It is this weekend. I have been cleaning house and doing yard work as I will have tours both days. HELP. You did not make it here this summer with your friend that knew about this place. I misses you.You must be busy with fall harvest and reading for winter. I dread it. Business has been very slow and I have been very poor, I am getting really tired of it and think I seriously need to seek a change. I will get my first SS check this month, finally, maybe it will make live a little easier. I would like a little place in the country like yours, where every thing is much simpler. Does any one want to buy an 1845 Ante Bellum House? Thanks for sharing your new chair. I have one in my library with needlepoint and I love it. Richard


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