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My Alabama Home May 2016 a quick look

Quilts airing on the porch railings.
Welcome to my Alabama Home.
Sunny today but not too hot.. Sit down and relax.
Ring the bell so I'll know I have company.
The bamboo creates a nice alley to the back yard garden.
I have yet to built boxes to turn these into Peanuts 5 Cents carts.
View from the front porch to the fields.
The oak settle.  Not common in Alabama. A Yankee thing.
Yes, red is the color now. 
Fainting couch with crazy quilts.

Dough bowls and a red cranberry wreath.
Corner cabinet with pink lustreware. My prize is the 1680 mushroom chair from Massachusetts in honor of my witch ancestors hanged in Salem in 1692.
Red lusters; King's Rose dishes, Mohican girandole all flanked by two Ogee clocks.
My latest lady portrait.
Hunting gear; another recent lady; and pink theme with Old Paris.