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My Alabama Home May 2016 a quick look

Quilts airing on the porch railings.

Welcome to my Alabama Home.

Sunny today but not too hot.. Sit down and relax.

Ring the bell so I'll know I have company.

The bamboo creates a nice alley to the back yard garden.

I have yet to built boxes to turn these into Peanuts 5 Cents carts.

View from the front porch to the fields.

The oak settle.  Not common in Alabama. A Yankee thing.

Yes, red is the color now. 

Fainting couch with crazy quilts.

Dough bowls and a red cranberry wreath.

Corner cabinet with pink lustreware. My prize is the 1680 mushroom chair from Massachusetts in honor of my witch ancestors hanged in Salem in 1692.

Red lusters; King's Rose dishes, Mohican girandole all flanked by two Ogee clocks.

My latest lady portrait.

Hunting gear; another recent lady; and pink theme with Old Paris.

That's a spinning wheel in the middle, end of wheel view.

Two chairs in rosewood surround marble top table with Old Paris vases. 

New curtains in red will be finished soon to replace the ones I made from sheets.

Blue ironstone sits on a step back. The mustard brown salt came from a friend in Tennessee.

Painting of boy with chicken; 1830's doll house; some silhouettes and miniature portraits; a large B&H lamp behind the ewer.

Girandoles embellish my Yankee boy ca. 1850.


  1. What an eclectic collection. You should do a post detailing your paintings and what you know about them, I'd love to read it!

  2. Love your Alabama Home life couldn't be better for anyone who loves your style of antiques and history
    Love that Yankee settee LOL I would set that in my kitchen and fill the seat with my blue crocks.

    Then how neat is that bamboo path

    and of course how fabulous the entire cabin looks with those very fancy girandoles setting so proud.
    I am so glad you shared this all with us Marshel

  3. Hello from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Can you tell me where your Antique Shop is located, hours, days open and telephone number? Thank you. (Email

  4. Hi Marshel! I'm loving it all! You need a Victorian to house all of those beautiful collections, how is that hunt going for you? So glad to see that you have "some" silhouttes! That's great! So glad you shared your home with us today.

  5. Wow----simply wow!
    Your home is so beautiful. And the Yankee oak settle - - yep - - I love it!
    Of course, I'm a Michigan Yankee who happens to love the south and the pride southerners have.
    Thank you for a fun post.

  6. Love it I think your porch is really inviting and I was so happy to hear red is the color now

  7. I am happy that red is the color. It's my favorite! Your house is so cozy and interesting. I can't wait to see the new curtains. Can you doll your place up at Christmas and post pictures?


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