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Lady Portrait in large oval gold frame

Empire Commodes and Petticoat Table

The commodes have lift tops and the bottom steps pull out.   The Petticoat table is 33 inches tall and 36 inches long.   I have them hidden upstairs in my room.  I have about 6 commodes. They have different carpet or linen or velvet fabrics.  

Old Paris Inkwells

I've taken an interest in Old Paris ink wells lately.  I have bought three.  I think there is a collection growing in these.  

Grandmother's Nabisco Cracker Tin

I remember this tin sat in my grandmother's kitchen as least as far back as the 1970's....on top of her cabinets.   

Lost Lusterware Sailing Ship Pitcher

UPS in Pittsburg lost my Lusterware ship pitcher. I don't want the refund...I want my pitcher !  Whoever got it by mistake probably has no idea what it is or how old it is ! 

Young Man Tintype with signs of War