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The little red-haired boy, formerly the little sad boy

My sister noticed his red hair which is unusual so I decided to change his sobriquet to The Little Red Haired Boy from  The Little Sad Boy.  That makes things a lot happier.

 I finished his outside frame ( a patch job at best) and that will have to do for now.  He is in the old part of the house and I hope he feels good about being there--better that being rolled up and tossed in an attic.

 I need to show you his mother and his sister.

 I have several proposed names for sister...the Elf  Child,  or Salem's child,  of Little Ev ( short for Evil) or "the for sale would anyone want her? Child".....

Mom looks typically primitive and too busy for a portrait sitting with farm and house work to do.   Now you understand why Little Red Hair got the frame and the other two got the "maybe later."

1840 Portrait of The Little Sad Boy