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October Sales: What's on the way

Pretty green pie safe with tin.  Very sturdy.  

Beautiful Victorian era side chair with intricate carving.
Empire/Adam very old server/buffet. 
Perfect size for entry or hall.  
Larger pie safe.  Not yet restored. Working on this next.
Primitive oil on canvas of young man. Looking for suitable frame.
Estate sale cherry one drawer stand.
Fantastic frame with oil on canvas of a lady. 

Confederate Veterans Reunion Photograph unknown location

I purchased this large ( 20" x 24" ) original framed hand tinted photograph from the estate of one of my university professors last week.  The photograph is unidentified. I think that if he had known the location of the reunion, he would have written it on the back.  He lived in Alabama and Mississippi but the photograph could be from anywhere in the South. 
The men are posed with the flag behind a rather large stump.
I am in hope that someone might recognize the group or someone in the group so I can record the location of the reunion.  

Some of the faces are fading away, but  many are still recognizable.

Children of the War

Oil on Canvas 22" x 27 ".   The canvas is barely hanging on to its support frame.  Flaking and fading.  
These children would have been witnesses to the American Civil War ( 1861-1865). Their dress indicates they could be Union or Confederate. 
I liked it because the condition of the painting and the expressions of the children seem to reflect the world into which they were born. 
I have seen the Greek key pattern on several other dresses worn by ladies of the time.
The hand on the shoulder unifies the portrait.
The children's images have bled through to the back of the painting. 
I have some beautiful almost perfect gold gesso frames that this would fit in, but I think the condition of the frame needs to reflect the condition of the portrait.  

A nice little sampler

I've never bought a sampler before, but this one came up in an auction and seemed to be real. 
The date is 1820.
Almost 200 years old.  8 1/2  by 9 1/2 under glass. I've heard glass isn't good for them so I wonder if I should remove it.