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I am an antique trader in central Alabama....I love old houses... My log home was built in 1817 by my ancestors Benjamin and Hannah Harless Wilson .............. Outside the house are herb gardens and lots of pass-along plants................ No one in Alabama is in a hurry about anything......... Visitors think that the garden needs weeding and the furniture needs polishing....I am a direct descendant of Joseph Towne, whose two sisters Rebecca Towne Nurse and Mary Towne Easty were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 as witches. I am also a direct descendant of Pocahontas and husband John Rolfe.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A nice little sampler

I've never bought a sampler before, but this one came up in an auction and seemed to be real. 

The date is 1820.

Almost 200 years old. 
8 1/2  by 9 1/2 under glass. I've heard glass isn't good for them so I wonder if I should remove it.


  1. Wow You do find the best things. I wish i had your eye (not your "seeing eye" your eye for finds)lol


  2. Oh I like antique samplers and have 3
    one my daughter made from an old pattern 1800's
    then I made one years ago not even knowing how
    I just did the ABC's
    your is wonderful, seems like you just find "wonderful items'