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Cold in Alabama but no one's complaining

When I say it's cold here I mean it's about 50 and sunny, but a bit too chilly to sit on the porch without a blanket.  The sun will warm you up after a few minutes.

The Christmas things are being put away today.

I ran out of wall so I slid this mule chest in front of the stepback until I can find a space.

See anything you like?

We had a sunny day so I made a few pictures of the front room.  The only treatment I've ever used on the floors was boiled linseed oil about 20 years ago.  I'm still learning about crocks. Most of these are out of Bibb and Perry County.  I'm looking for a brown/mustard rug to replace the one under the table.  It's too new and too red.
This is my latest mule chest.  The unusual thing about it is that the inside till is on the right rather than on the left.  My cousin noticed this and said he had never seen one with the till on the right.
This is a view inside the cupboard.  I open the doors only for photographs, or for the curious who want a look inside.
I've grown to appreciate the grey painted dry sink.   The chair to the right has turned legs in the sausage pattern. Wallace Nutting calls it a mushroom chair.  The legs have lost several inches since 1680.
The dough bowls are in a 5-board box.  90% of the on-line dough bowls are repros,  new, or fakes. The worst f…

If the house is full, just put it on the porch...

This primitive blue pie safe just came out of a planter's town house in south-central Alabama.  The back is marked Selma, Alabama. I tried to work it into the house but the blue color stood out too much against the browns of the other furniture so I stuck it on the porch. The wear on the front doors is original and not faked.  I know better than to mess with it.  
The inside is clean, solid, and unpainted.  And empty for now.
The piece next to it is also pine, put together with square nails, and has never been painted.  Both are safe from the rain as the porch is ten feet deep.  Both have been secured to the log wall for safety. 
Here is the colonial mule chest I found on line and had shipped down from New Jersey. Above it is a spool cabinet and on top of that is my Christmas tree decorated with dried orange slices.  I bought the pine corner cabinet about a month ago at a local sale. It is square nailed and original except for the inside milk paint job. Milk paint doesn't fade muc…