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Cold in Alabama but no one's complaining

When I say it's cold here I mean it's about 50 and sunny, but a bit too chilly to sit on the porch without a blanket.  The sun will warm you up after a few minutes.

The Christmas things are being put away today.

I ran out of wall so I slid this mule chest in front of the stepback until I can find a space.


  1. Stacking is fun, have a great New Year. It is 12 here and dropping. lucky you have 50.Richard from Missouri

  2. Nice here in E. Tn but going to get cold next week.Love our sheep. Happy New Year

  3. Oh I love the tree in the old buggy
    I am visiting you from Richard's blog again. I seen where you said a friend went by his house and Didn't STOP, his loss for sure. Richards house and yours is quite the show place

    Happy New Year

  4. That should have said "your" sheep. My Y doesn't always work and I don't always catch it! Sorry about that


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