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1840 Portrait of The Little Sad Boy

He was found in an attic cut out of his frame, rolled up, and torn.  I bought him because I guess I felt sorry for him. 

 I was able to stretch the canvas and he just fit an old frame I had in a closet upstairs.  The outside frame is new and I had to cut it to fit.   It will be painted gold to match.  Then he will join the others in the house.  

 It's a large portrait, about 3' by 2 1/2', and I really like the hands. Some of the famous portrait painters charged more to show two hands, but I doubt this primitive painter got any extra for that. 

 I don't know why he appears to be so sad to me.  Maybe he didn't like sitting still for the artist. We are so accustomed to people smiling in photographs today. Back then, such behavior was considered foolish, so maybe his look is more sincere than sad. 

 A painting of his little sister was found rolled up with him.  I haven't begun to do anything with her yet.  And, a third painting of their mother, or grandmother, was with them.  I started with the little boy because I found him to be the most charming. 


  1. Greetings! He looks more intense than sad to me. Great hair color! Bet he was a little imp. :)

  2. I agree, he looks sad. Maybe he didn't want to be around a stranger. We will never know. what about the little sister, is she sad too? I am so glad you rescued them.

  3. Looks like he didn't want to sit for a portrait.
    I would have purchased him too!

  4. Good Evening I am a new follower I found you through sweet Betty J :0) beautiful blog you have here and I look forward to getting to know you . Your sad boy is indeed sad but he speaks volumes ..enjoy your new treasures ! Have a great rest of your weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie


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