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Monday, November 14, 2011

New Dresses for Armand Marseille dolls

I decided that the little Armand Marseille dolls looked rather shabby in their old clothes, so I got on Ebay and found myself a seller  ( Erintay18 ) who knows how to create an outfit that shows what a 100 year old doll can wear with style. 

None of my dolls had their original ensembles, and it appears that doll collecting pros see great value in having them dressed in ratty old clothes, but I don't.  I think that after 100 years a girl deserves a new outfit.

Meanwhile, in a case in the back room,  these little girls must be content with what they have for now. 

These are German dolls made by Armand Marseille ,  Halbig, and Kestner.  Some still need proper new clothing, some need new hair, most need shoes.  They seem content enough as they are.

Their faces are porcelain; their bodies are either kid leather or cloth and stuffed with sawdust.  Erin made the purple dress also.  Another dress she made is on the way from Illinois, so we'll see who needs it the most.