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Preparing for a new crop

Here is the photo of last year's gourd crop. These are bird house gourds and they did very well; I think there are about 150 in the barn. I took six to Jim at Remember When Antiques in Jemison and he cleaned them with a brillo pad and clorox. They are nice and tan now. I hope I can be that resourceful and clean the remainder myself.

I planted a row of the long neck kind called drinking gourds, but only six came up. When I transplanted them to the other row, they all died, so I guess gourds don't transplant very well. These are what I want to plant this year. Jim said they need a fence or wire to hang from so the necks will not grow crocked. I think I can manage that.

The Indian Corn didn't do well at all last year and I think I have learned from the mistakes we made. It was planted too early. It needs something put on it to kill the worms. It needs to dry in the barn. So the gourd crop and the Indian Corn crop will be my main focus for early summer planting, along with the usuals, okra,squash, tomatoes, and zuchinni.

I have a dishpan full of sunflower seeds, so my father says we can extend the row all the way from my house to his. They grew six to eight feet tall last year. I also still have those Jefferson beans which promise to run twenty feet and bloom a reddish purple, but I don't know yet where to put them.

My accent flower this year is going to be the old English plant called love-lies-a-bleeding (not the same as bleeding heart). I grew them several years ago and they worked well, looking like red dred locks.