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The Plantation Desk

I bought a plantation desk. It is signed by stencil on the back Mitchell and Rammelsberg, Cincinnati, Ohio. They were in business together from 1847 until 1871 and are the company who made the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House. This desk has no flaws and is complete and looks right at home in the front log room.

It's a bit more crowded now ( June 2012).

This was taken at night when colors are rich.

Here it is with the front lowered.

The top bonnet will lift up to reveal storage.

Still as sturdy as the day it was made.


  1. This is a nice piece. It looks well with your other furniture. I have friends in Mobile that live in a 1850's Greek Revival center hall house that bought a 1850's armoire that they thought could be a Alabama piece and latter found a Mitchell & Rammelsberg stencil in it. I have a 1820's Federal plantation desk and a week ago saw a small mahogany one from the 1820's in a shop that I'm thanking about getting.

  2. Andrew, I just found your comment. That is very neat. I love plantation desks and have always wanted one. Those old center hall houses are great for decorating. I saw that Mitchell and Rammelberg had showrooms in Memphis and New Orleans and " other places " so they might have had a shop in Mobile also. I also think your artwork is grand. I especially like the one with the Baltimore guys with a lot of yellow, my favorite color. Marshel

  3. I am trying to locate information about a recent desk I picked up that is marked "Mitchell & Rammelsberg"... It is a three legged school(?) desk and the legs are very similar to your Plantation Desk... Any clue where I could find more info on it?

    Thank you! Beth Broadhurst

  4. Trillium, you can google their company name and several articles will come up. One file has quite a bit of detail. They were in business under the Mitchell and Rammelsberg name from 1846 until 1881. If your mark is a stencil, it is one of the older and most desirable pieces. All of their marked pieces sell at high prices.


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