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Mobile Alabama 1860s Portrait

I am all excited about an Alabama portrait that has finally come home. This painting is of Felix Taylor Taliaferro, a cotton merchant who lived in Mobile, Alabama, in the 1860s and 1870s.

I bought this portrait from a family member who lives in Pennsylvania. They were unsure if he was a grandfather on up their line or an uncle. 

In either case, they wanted to sell it, having no interest in family history. I was glad to buy it so that his portrait could come back South again.

The subject of the painting was a citizen of Orange County, Virginia.

 According to family, he moved to Mobile to make his fortune in the cotton trade. Some years later, before 1880,  he returned to Virginia.

Although the name is spelled "Taliaferro" it is apparently pronounced more like " Tolliver." Mr. Taliaferro's middle name Taylor is the maiden name of his grandmother, who was a second or third cousin to President Zachary Taylor.

Felix Taylor Taliaferro's parents were Edmund Pendleton Taliaferro and Octavia Hortense Robertson.  Edmund's mother was Mildred Taylor Taliaferro.  Felix married Annie E. Penny in Mobile, Alabama, on 14 January 1867.  Felix is age 4 in 1850 living with his parents in Orange County, VA.  In 1880 he is back in Orange County, VA.  On the 1900 census he and Annie are in Bayonne Ward 1, Hudson County, New Jersey. He is listed as age 54. 

His grand daughter called me and said his portrait looked just like family members she remembered. She was so excited to see the portrait. She was going to call again but I never heard from her and wonder what happened. 

 All of this makes for a wonderful original Alabama portrait and I'm glad to have it back where it belongs. If any descendants see this and find errors about his family, please let me know.  The information I found about him was on genforum from 15  years ago and the address of the posters there are no longer any good.  I would love to hear from descendants of his. 

November 2014:  This portrait is for sale to any descendant of his. Just leave me a message or email me ( see my profile for current email address.)  $2,800.00  


  1. Your family portrait is fabulous! I love his pose, gray vest and jewelry. It appears to be in it's original period Thomas Sully frame. Do you know the artist? It looks like the work of Robert John Curtis. I also love and collect portraits from this period. In my profile pic it shows a 1840's portrait of a boy attributed to Sarah Miriam Peale daughter of the very famous Charles Willson Peale. I was sad to sale this portrait. You should look at my latest blog post it's about a portrait of a boy I bought from the 1850's.

  2. Felix Taylor Taliaferro is my great grandfather. I have never seen a picture of him but his soft features are much like that of my beloved grandmother, his daughter Elizabeth. I would LOVE a better picture sent to me if possible.

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