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75 and Sunny in Alabama

It's a beautiful day here. I chose three quilts to air out.

On the right is a quilt my grandmother and two great grandmothers made in the 1920s. In the middle is a fan quilt featuring my favorite color, yellow. I bought it at an estate sale.

On the end is a pinwheel made by a lifelong friend of my mother who used chairs for quilting frames and could whip out a quilt in less than a week.

This is the front view of the house I live in. It was built in 1817 when my Wilson-Harless ancestors moved from Madison to Shelby County, Alabama.

The house looks smaller than it is. The front log room is 20x30 ft. with a 9 1/2 ft. ceiling of 4x8 beams.


  1. what a wonderful cotton basket! And those gourds are pretty wonderful,too, especially resting on the Bachelor Bed.

    Your home is beautiful,Marshel. I love the porch and the pretty quilts all in a row on the porch railing.

    just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your world.


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