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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quilting frame ready to load

I'm ready to load my aunt's quilt top into the plantation quilting frame.
This picture shows the wooden gears used to keep the fabric tight while quilting. Click the picture for a better view.

Here is the quilting frame set up on the front porch. It is easy to take apart because only four little pegs hold it together. 

One handle winds right and the other winds left so the fabrics are tightened for quilting. 

This allows about two feet of quilt to be exposed at one time.

I have the cotton batting from my field picked and in the basket for carding.

Experts in these things tell me the quilting frame was made about 1850 which is nice to know.

 I am glad that it is still useful for its original purpose.


  1. My mother had one simuliar. Every winter it would have one quilt after the other. Sometimes friends came to our house and other times she went there. Memories. Thanks for sharing.And thanks for stopping by. Richard at My Old Historic House

  2. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I love your quilting frames. I don't quilt but my mother and grandmother did and now my daughter is quilting. I have a son, a d-i-l, and a granddaughter that are teachers. I was a teaching assistant.I can't wait to see how your gourds do. Do you sell them?

  3. Thank You for the Birthday wish. That is a nice find and I like the way you have displayed your quilts. Have a great week.....Julian