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I am an antique trader in central Alabama....I love old houses... My log home was built in 1817 by my ancestors Benjamin and Hannah Harless Wilson .............. Outside the house are herb gardens and lots of pass-along plants................ No one in Alabama is in a hurry about anything......... Visitors think that the garden needs weeding and the furniture needs polishing....I am a direct descendant of Joseph Towne, whose two sisters Rebecca Towne Nurse and Mary Towne Easty were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 as witches. I am also a direct descendant of Pocahontas and husband John Rolfe.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Muddy looking old pottery churns

Today I bought two chairs,  a box from 1920, a crate from 1910 that was used to mail leather shoes,  a  Godey's print from 1860 in a deep walnut frame ( I was told to pronounce that as GO-dees) ,  a large pickle jar with a red top, and the churn on the left.  It's a 3 gal and probably made in Chilton or Bibb County, Alabama.   

It was 60 today and sunny, so it was a great day to look around.  A new friend has opened a shop in a nearby town so I spent an hour rearranging  and organizing a room in his shop.  He told me to come back next week because there are four more rooms to fix. 

This is why I stay away from the book section in a shop in Chilton County; the organizer in me starts fixing the 18 shelves of  books and suddenly it's an hour later and I realize I need to walk away.  

I have always loved books; I have about 900 here at the house in my back room I call the library.  One of my friends wrote a poetry book and had it published. When the boxes came, she called me and said, " I now have 400 books in my library...350 of which I wrote myself."   


  1. So glad it has warmed up there. We are still in single digits and some mornings below. Have not had a winter like this in awhile. Sounds like you found some treasures and good for the antique dealer you can help him spruce up. I need to do it here at my shop, but I just say, who cares.

    1. It's supposed to ice over and snow tonight. I thought this was Alabama, not New England. I am freezing.

  2. Love all the goodies in your picture. I am a book lover, but no place to store them. Just have a few. It is a bit warmer here too. I am ready for spring, what about you?

    1. I am so ready for spring, I have laid out the area for the sunflowers already. I'm following Tasha T's advice to get out in the garden everyday. 30 minutes or more won't hurt. I miss digging in the dirt. I am also gathering brick to get the herb garden going again.

  3. wish you was closer I have about 30 old 1800's Missouri law books I am putting in the trash, I have tried to give them to every one I know. even at my last yard sale I offered them to anybody who would take them
    They are not in perfect condition and some of covers loose