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Sympathy for a victorian chair

This poor little Victorian chair sat at a shop for over a year. Gorilla glue oozing from its broken joints.  Too weak to hold a sitter. Too purple to fit in today's world of tan decor. 

My style is primitive.  Chairs such as this belong in a Mississippi Riverfront mansion like my friend in Missouri owns, not a log cabin on a creek in Alabama. 

Yet, even a primitive furniture person such as myself can't help but see beauty where beauty is. 

So I offered $30.  The lady said that will be fine. 

Well, this is quite the contrast I must say, but not to worry. I'm planning a glorious Victorian-Empire secret salon boudoir room in my next house. Closed door; invitation only.


  1. Somebody had to love it, bless your heart. Thanks for the shout out. Richard, On the Mississippi, in Missouri Mansion

  2. I really like that chair and still like the purple covering which makes it attractive and I can see it on a grand river boat or a victorian room today
    That gorilla glue never worked for me on anything Never buy it


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