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A quiet June evening in Alabama

It's a quiet night in Alabama at my house.

The boy is "'Absorbed in Robinson Crusoe."

Jesus blesses the little children.  God has
always been a very present help in time of trouble.

My friend Dean gave me the small dolls. 

A bit of green for a blue buggy.

Montgomery County 1843 survivor.

The pitcher is Blossom by  F. Morley and Company.

I bought a blue/mustard rug last week. 

Do you like old pottery?

Some wooden hat stands.

A second rocking horse. A key to tighten rope beds is in the dough box. 

The flag is by Ann Rae.

The back room is a mess again.

Next project ... blue curtains. 

A peaceful night look.

The downstairs girls are doing fine.

My great grandfather and his nurse. She is on the plantation inventory in 1857 with husband Charles. Her name was Pleasant. She and Charles and another man named Skinner were willed to my great great great grandfather's first wife by the wife's father, Thomas Welch of Dallas County, Alabama who died in 1832. She and Charles lived to be free and are listed as husband and wife on the 1870 census. 


  1. OH I love the picture of your Great grandfather and mammy Pleasant I think that is the first time I have eve seen a picture of a child with their mammy , precious and very historical
    Also love the pitcher and the plates , my kind of dishes

    Now is this your house or shop?

    1. Hi. I always appreciate your comments, as I don't get many! These are all of my house. Mammy Pleasant is on the 1857 plantation inventory. She took the family name and lived to be a very old woman after freedom came.

  2. Ha there. You have been busy. I am in the process of closing my shop and renting several booths in a local mall. No more responsibility, utility bills or working 7 days a week. Hope it works. I love all your treasures. I am afraid you might need a second or third house, or build on. Ain't it fun. Janice up above me is a friend of mine and my blog. Hope it is not as hot there as it is here. Awful for moving weather.

  3. Loved the Mammy Pleasant picture too. The night picture was a favorite, and I think you have a lot of wonderful goodies to enjoy. It is so much fun isn't it, to collect.


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