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Buying Treen in Bibb County, Alabama

Saturday I was checking out some Bibb County antique shops and was invited to take a look around an old industrial building full of all sorts of things. 

I found a table with some old treenware stacked on top so I got an old box and began to fill it up. 

I found this niddy noddy and could see it was very old and very genuine.

I know the picture isn't good but I wanted to show that the end of the piece was mortise and tendon and has little wooden pegs to hold it together. I've never seen one like that before. 

There were two boot jacks with lots of wear. 

I found four mashers, each with its own personality. 

There was a rolling pin, a butter paddle, a spoon, and another paddle.

This is some sort of scraper. 

The mortar was easy to spot and is not very large.

I discovered the round top of the spoon was the pestle. 

They were a perfect match. 

This is some sort of blacksmith-made meat fork. It was among the treen so I put it in my keeper box.

The box seemed plain enough and old enough.

When I got home I found the end was embossed Pansy Seeded Raisins, Guggenhime and Company, California. 

All in all, not a bad haul. 


  1. You find the best things. Unusual too

  2. back in the day when I first liked and collected primitives I have never heard of a niddy noddy ?


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