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Two Gentlemen's portraits

I bought this one last week from an auction in Florida.  He appears to have been a person of means and refinement.  I know this is before 1860 but don't know how much before. I've got to study men's ties from 1780 to 1880 as a guide for dating paintings. 

I bought this one Sunday from an auction in Connecticut.  The outfit and the bible leave no doubt that he was a minister. I am dating this one about 1850.  No frame, but the size is not uncommon so I should be able to find something suitable. 


  1. I would welcome either of those antique gentlemen in my house to join my lovely lady painting.
    There has been no antique auctions around here that I know of , I live in a college town and they even tear down historical houses to build parking lots for this college

  2. You find the best things. Merry Christmas and stay safe during the storms


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