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Jacob Albright, Jr. potter, 1770's Earthenware from Alamance County, NC

This is a wonderful ca. 1770's redware earthenware 13"  plate with four-color slip decoration from the potteries of Jacob Albright, Jr. of Alamance County, North Carolina.  "as found"

Here you see the old staple repairs.  Someone prized it, or thought it too valuable just to throw out when broken. 

Jacob Albright Jr. is on the tax list for the year 1800 as a "potter" in St. Asaph's District. His estate was entered into the probate books in 1825 and lists potters wheels, pipe and stove molds, a glaze mill, and a clay mill.  His daughter Sophia married Henry Loy who was also a potter. 

Fragments of pottery dug up where Jacob Albright had his pottery site are painted with the same dark chocolate brown background as the one I have.  His polychrome slip  circle decorations also match my plate. 


  1. I like the old pottery with staples and I always wondered how they did that?
    I am sick I sold an old red earthenware pot and now wish I had it back. It had staples in it also.
    I do so enjoy your stories posted.
    keep posting.
    we enjoy your finds and stories so much .

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