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New ladies have arrived plus one gentleman with a rose

This lady arrived last week. The auction house didn't investigate what was under the linen covering on the back.  I removed it and found her name, details of her life, and the name and location of the artist. 

This lovely girl has one of those wraps just like the one in an earlier post.  I am dating her ca.1835 until I hear from my clothing expert blog reader. 

This matron was listed as American ca. 1850 or earlier. 

A close up of a kind soul. 

Everything a primitive collector could wish for. 

Now here's a dandy guy holding a red rose.  


  1. They are all wonderful painting !
    I love the long earrings on the younger lady
    and the gentleman was a good find
    You really have good luck at your auction house where you win a lot of nice paintings

  2. You *do* have extraordinarily good luck with paintings! I love them all.
    I'd say the top painting is 1830s based on the hair and sleeves.
    The 2nd is 1850s based on hair & sleeves
    The 3rd: you're pretty close on the date.The Gigot sleeve, popular through most of the 30s, had collapsed by the late 30s making the sleeve tight around the bicep, the double part in the hair is typical 1840s, so I'd feel safe to say she's pretty late 30s.
    The 4th is hard to tell, I'm guessing earlier 30s
    The 5th looks 50s
    And I'm absolutely no good at dating the men. Men's fashion is a trickier thing for me. :)

  3. You are certainly finding some wonderful items. Happy for you


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