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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Victorian pillow creation

My friend Gerry, known to many as the Linen Lady,  buys and sells top quality linens from estate sales and auctions.

Sometimes she will repurpose a really beautiful piece. She created this pillow from an embroidered runner . Inside is mattress ticking.

If you have the March/April 2016 issue of Victoria Magazine you can see this pillow on page 44.   You can see the gold pin she added.  

Her creations are seen often in Victoria.  They use them for photo spreads then mail them back.  She has kept a few as souvenirs but sells some.  I bought this one for my sister. 

It looks good in the 1850 rosewood chair, but I'm mailing it this week to my sister with a copy of the magazine to show what a celebrity pillow it is! 


  1. Well that's a sweet pillow Marshel, and a sweet gift for sis! Love your rosewood chair and everything else I can see! You ARE turning Victorian on me! :)

  2. The pillow is beautiful but that chair is amazing! It looks like it has been in Alabama since it was made.


  3. Isn't it fun to know people who are featured in magazines and also that they are local people who you know?
    The pillow is fun remade. I have a picture of some pillows I would love to have, just satin and lace, I'm at work or would tell you their name. I'll have to look in my Book of Ideas, I found them in a magazine haaha.
    I had a chair like yours and it sold in my auction in 1996 for $75.
    I sold all my Victorian and oak furniture and went tradition furniture, now mixmatch shabby chic