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Lady With a Bonnet and Man with stringy hair

These are my two latest portrait purchases.  The lady with the bonnet seems content enough, but not so happy as perhaps bored with sitting, yet elegant. 

The flowers in the bonnet seem to tag her as an English woman.  She is surely well dressed and has fine jewelry, especially the cameo. 

I liked the gentleman because of his grain painted frame and his stringy hair.  He goes well in my primitive log house.  He is the standard 25 x 30 but she is larger. 


  1. Nice paintings Marshel, The lady looks like someone just cut out a photo of her and layed in on there, it looks perfect!
    The peach cobbler in your other post looks way too good, especially at this very moment when I am very hungry!
    Take care!

  2. Love the paintings. The lady is very elegant, the man looks like he may be a judge. You can't have to many portraits.


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