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Coca Cola Ice Boxes for inside a store

I swapped some farm equipment for two Coca-Cola ice boxes from an old store. 

I do not think they ever had a motor but actually used ice. 

The bottom section seems to be where the boxes of drinks were stored. 

I am sure they were never stored or used outside.

Measurements are approx. 33 1/2 " high;  25" deep; and 41" long. 

There are no lids present. One still has the rubber gasket around the top. 

Apparent storage for drink boxes. 

There is a hose connector beneath the top box to drain the ice water. 

The color is very vibrant still. 



  1. Oh gosh I remember those from early 1960's. My sister use to collect all Coca-Cola items. I bought her a bottle opener once that was a ladies legs marker Coca -Cola
    How fun for you to have those and now have a summer party and fill them up with ice and Coca-Cola's in small glass bottles just like back in the day.
    The prices i'm sure are not as high as years gone by because younger people are not collecting anything just us seniors haha
    Thanks for sharing

  2. This is so cool!
    I love Coca Cola collectables, though I have very few originals myself (I do, however, have quite a collection of replicas).
    Thanks for the pictures and for the post - -
    Ken from Passion for the Past


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