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Pink lustre "Success" pitcher with inscription, 5-3/4" h

I love these old pink lustre pitchers. 

Success to the Fleece/ To the Plough and the Sail/  May our Taxes Grow Less/ and our commerce ne'er Fail. 

 Left to right,  the PLOW,  the SAIL, and the FLEECE ( sheep)


  1. what a good find ,love what it says ,you can just see that setting on a fun table full of some fun stuff to drink
    I don't think I ever came across a pink luster pitcher similar to your only the old tea cups and saucers in pink luster ,that that charming either
    I'm trying to read a few of my favorite blogs this morning , this going back to work 40 hours a week at a job that I don't enjoy cuts into my life


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