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1750-1800 Settle

My love for New England settles began with my discovery of Tasha Tudor and her house.  They seemed to be everywhere. 
I finally found one at an Alabama auction this week.  This is the first real settle I have ever seen in person.  ( photo showing back) 
I think at least 95% of the audience didn't know what it was.
(another photo of back) 

Only two people bid against me.

I could not tell from the pre-auction photos how large it was. 

Rose head nails on the ends !

It is 4 1/2 feet long.....probably small compared to many others...but I love it. 


  1. OH Love it My house is so full don't know where I would put another piece furniture( I know a place, in my sewing room LOL

    Love it and Tasha Tudor, my friend Karen has been to her house a few times,Virginia? don't remember.
    I have few of her books and love the Japanese issues

    I so enjoy your auction adventures

  2. I love settles!
    One day I hope to have one - - - -


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