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Alabama snow...not a normal thing here...2 inches and panic...

Hello from the frozen South.  Other parts of the country wonder how two inches of snow can shut down all of central Alabama and Georgia.  It's the ice that comes first.  No one can drive on a road covered in ice. We have no snow plows and salt trucks and all that sort of stuff.  

It's 13 degrees now in central Alabama and about 20 in Mobile. 

This only only happens here about every 15 years.  It's usually about an inch and it's gone in a day. 

View from the library window.  Since I'm almost 60, this is apt to be the last snow I will see in my lifetime.


  1. I was worried about all my Southern Friends. I know this is a surprise and none welcome sight. We have had cold at 0 or below since before Christmas. I worry about my Southern Magnolia trees. There leaves have turned bronze. The computer says this happens in extreme cold and that they should be OK and loose these leaves as new ones come on in the spring. Stay warm and be patient, this too will pass. Richard from My Old Historic House

  2. I understand the snow and shut down. Here in E. Tn the same thing happens. Don't know about you but I will welcome spring this year like never Single digit temps just paralyze me!!! lol


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