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Alabama 1830 house in the country

I went with some friends to study a very old ( for Alabama) house.  The original room sits on hand hewn beams and appears to be pre-1830. The second room was added and sits on 2x12 floor joists.  The next two rooms were added to the front of the house probably in the 1920's when the front porch was removed. One of the two rooms is old enough to be antebellum.  The fifth room is a kitchen added to the house when the original detached kitchen was probably torn down.


  1. I use to see houses similar to the age of that house years ago when I lived in a smaller town. Now living in a town of 108,00 that tears anything down to build an apartment building I don't see any older homes any more.
    When I was first married we moved from southern Illinois to Murphysboro Tennessee around Woodbury Tennessee and those house were everywhere. My new sister in law lived in one I called a saltbox style where you could see daylight through the old walls and floors. I thought I had moved to the end of the earth LOL
    The history of the house you toured is wonderful.Back when people just wanted a basic home to live in

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