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Louis Wolf Company Doll

 My latest doll purchase comes from an auction in East Rochester, NY.  She arrived safely and is sitting happily among the Armand Marseilles and Heinrich Handwerck dolls.  Only the really experienced and fanatic doll collectors would spot her as a solo representation among the crowd. 
 But the back of the neck identifies her.   Louis Wolf operated four factories in old Germania: in Thuringia, Barvaria, Sonneberg, and Nurnberg. These beauties were sold in the United States via New York City and Boston importers. 
 She is about 19 inches tall.
 Her hands are complete with no broken fingers.  I did find out that sometimes Wolf used Armand Marseille heads on his dolls. 
I plan on leaving her "as is" and let her take her place among the others. She has that look of dignity  that only Victorian dolls can achieve. 


  1. I have one wolf doll ,now that I think about it she is in an old piece luggage in the studio stash
    she was perfect and i picked her up by her head and broke a piece off over her eye it was given to me by a 96 year old lady


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