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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Two Paintings. Why did I buy these?

I bought two painting this week at auctions.  Most will understand why I bought this one. It measures 20 x 24 and is framed. I really like the sunrise/sunset and the little men on the water who are supposed to be going eeling.  I think a close up of their boat will show the ell catching equipment.  The entire painting looks so Victorian to me and I think I will love it when it gets here. I paid $123 for it plus shipping.  I think that was cheap for what I am getting. 

 This second painting....I don't know why I liked this but I do.  It  is Italian, 19th century, a cherub who appears to be floating in the air.  
 You can see a piece of the canvas is missing, but I can glue a new piece on the back and paint it to match. That's about all the restoration it needs from me.  What I do can be undone later by someone with the skills and knowledge to sew in the linen and properly fix it. 
I only paid $70 for this one and I don't know what size it will be, as that was not included in the auction house description.  It is on the way now from Sarasota, Florida.  Whatever size ( It could be 2 x 3 feet or 2 x 3 inches), it will be an interesting piece of old artwork to enjoy. 

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