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King's Rose and Queen's Rose: English Staffordshire Pearlware plus Adam's Rose

This is Adam's Rose, ca. 1835. 
This is Queen's Rose. Notice the V in the center. 
This is King's Rose on a creamer.  
One source claims that King's Rose was manufactured for the American market from ca. 1815 to 1840.
This is my small collection of King's Rose and Queen's Rose flanked by some girandoles on an 1850 Empire Chest. 
King's Rose always looks good when saucers and plates are complemented by handleless cups.  Don't be impolite or improper.  Never drink from the cup.  Pour your coffee into the deep saucer and blow on it to cool it and drink from the saucer only.  Good manners for 1850. 


  1. I grew up in a 4 room house with Grandparents, Mom a brother and sister. I am sure we would loved to had that Ranch style house.
    Also I just got interested in M A Hadley stoneware dishes, It's so nice to have a complete set of anything .
    King's Row is wonderful ,and perfect fall colors according to pictures


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