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Part One: Antique Shop Marion Alabama

Period Chair 1850's. Sheraton Card Table. In the corner is a Sleepy Hollow Chair that is Period. 

Oil on Canvas 1850/s 1860's.

Large Oil on Canvas with some paint loss.

1850/s 1860's portrait in Selma Alabama Frame. 

Selection of Old Paris,  Girandole sets, Marble candalabras, English porcelain. 

Very old baby cradle. The top folds forward to hold the linen or can be folded back. 

Empire Couch with new cover. No problems.  1850's 1860's. 

Empire secretary/bookcase 1840's/1850's. 

One of two matching Renaissance Revival 1860's blue chairs.  Period work table. 

Girandole Sets, 1850's game table, Sleepy Hollow 1850's chair, English porcelain.

3 piece marble clock garniture; 1860's dresser with marble inserts. New lamp.I took the 1860's dresser home. It was from Mr. and Mrs. Hayes estate in Woodstock. 

Signed bureau made in Ohio. Lusters. New lamp. 

Pier table on left sold.

Ogee clocks for decoration 1840s  1850s for wall decoration.

Slag Glass hanging lamp is not a reproduction. 

Empire 1840s 1850s sewing table. Top lifts to lean against wall.  Att. Meeks. This is now sold.

Pretty work table; Empire 1850's.  New lamp. The corner Empire table sold.

Marble top drresser with mirror Att: Belter. I found one like it in the Belter book.

Detail of mirror top.

Detail of mirror base. 


  1. Fabulous old antiques, I spotted a table I really like.I'm sure you get lots traffic just to admire the old southern antiques from years gone by.

  2. Oh wow, I love it all! If you weren't so far away, I would be doing some major shopping!

  3. The ref velvet setee and chairs are to die for! ~Erin Pennington


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