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Alabama's State Flower is now in bloom

Alabama's state flower, the camellia, is now in full bloom.

In 1927, the goldenrod was chosen as the state flower, but by 1959, the ladies of Alabama felt the goldenrod was a weed, and pushed the state legislature for change.  The camellia, grown in gardens all over Alabama, and somewhat symbolic of the old life, became the new official state flower. 

Because camellias are native to Japan and China, and not Alabama,  the oak leaf hydrangea became the official state native wildflower at the same time.   Write me at


  1. I very much agree with the laddies of Alabama on the Camellia and anything hydrangea is my favorite. I have 5 blue hydrangeas and want to plant 5 more this spring .

    It's hard to believe any flower is blooming anywhere close since we are covered in ice.
    The Camellia's look very pretty they way you have them displayed


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