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Goodbye to my English Lady

Well, I sold her yesterday on Ebay.

She was never happy here. I think being English, a log cabin in central Alabama wasn't her style.

She went from wall to wall, room to room, but just didn't seem to fit in.

She's moving to San Francisco,  and I can see a slight smile has formed on her face. Her eyes have a sparkle now.

Understand, she never caused any trouble, never complained, never made any noise in the middle of the night.

She patiently waited on me to realize that her time here was just a waiting game for something better.

Maybe the ghosts of the plantation children who died in my house made her nervous. 

Maybe the family portraits who actually belong  never welcomed her.     She was always an outsider.

She's leaving tomorrow, and I do hope her new home far away in California will be everything she is looking for, and that at last she can find the contentment she so desperately sought but was denied here.
(Update: My new buyer friend in San Francisco who is my age says that he will soon be moving to New Jersey so the Lady will end up in an Original Colony.  He also reports that a gentleman in a green frock coat with black lapels is on the wall and awaiting her arrival as his new companion.  What a lovely way to end this story . )

Waiting for her arrival in San Francisco......


  1. Oh I am sorry I missed her , I never know what to look for on ebay , glad she has a gentleman friend waiting

    I really need a gentleman for my lady painitng

    I haven't been over for a long time , I was reading Richard's My Old Historic House blog and seen where you had visitied him


  2. 1Love the story! I so hope she is happy


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