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Oil Portraits in the House

Now that my English lady is sold, and three more restored paintings are on Ebay for sale, I walked around the house and photographed the oil portraits that are here.  Here is my family's Old Miss of the plantation, hanging in my library.  She was a kind soul.  

Going up the stairs is the cousin who was a wealthy businesswoman, namely a saloon owner.  

The 1790's portrait by an artist named Taylor Dean.

My mysterious stranger.  He is shy and hard to photograph. 

My Alabama Portrait.  Felix Taylor Taliaferro ( pronounced Tolliver in the  South).  He was a cotton merchant in Mobile, Alabama after the war.   His grandmother was a cousin to President Zachary Taylor.  He moved to Alabama and got married but later moved back and lived in Orange County, Virginia, and by 1900 was in Hudson, New Jersey.  His father was Edmund Pendleton Taliaferro and his mother Octavia Hortense Robertson.  Edmund's mother was Mildred Taylor Taliaferro.  Mrs. Felix Taliaferro was nee Annie E. Penny.  They married 14 January 1867 in Mobile, Alabama. 


  1. I love all of your portraits. You are very lucky because they all appear to be in there original gilt frames. I love period portraits displayed in a home and you have a lovely collection.

  2. I love portraits, that is all I have on my walls. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. I do not own ONE portrait!(sob) I would like a primitive one, but so far no luck, or no $$$$. I actually have no where to put one, but if I move, I am on the You have the nicest pieces Marshal. Everything is just perfect. I epsecially like that last portrait.


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