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Charles Munro, August 1843, Age 4 years

 This is an oil on canvas of little Charles Munro.
 Yes, little boys wore outfits that looked like dresses then. 
 The back of the painting has August 1843 and Age 4 years.
 Do you think the bird is supposed to be a chicken? 
 Hands were quickly painting but do look like those of a child.
 You can see the brown ink identification at the bottom.
Blue eyes and rosy cheeks on a round face. There are about 20 little boys on the 1850 census who have his name and age.


  1. Oh I love this painting
    he would look so good in my living room on my blue wall
    I just love this type of painting and I have one reproduction of a little girl and dog on canvas

  2. My favorite, portraits. Can't get enough


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