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Lady with a Blue Scarf, ca. 1840

 This young lady is presented in an oil on canvas, 25 x 30, in a heavy gold frame. I call her Lady with a Blue Scarf.  I purchased her from a New York auction house last week. 
 I think the absence of jewelry, except for the pin on the necklace, sets her apart from most portraits of this time. Plus, the blue scarf seems to be an important accessory to her plain black dress. 
 There are no identifying marks on the back ( not unusual),  and there are no tears in the canvas. 
The painting has been varnished, and the varnish has cracked over time, giving her a mystical, almost out of focus appearance. 


  1. Just read your last 4 posts and you have really gotten some wonderful goodies. I have been gone, basically since the middle of March, only home for a few days and gone again. I am behind on my own blog and reading friends. I can't believe you found that dough bowl. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  2. As a person who has studied historic costuming for over a decade I think the auction house misdated this portrait. The styling of her dress including the sleeve construction points to a late 1830s to early 1840s date. What a great find!

    1. Thank you! I will change the date in the post to reflect that. I am in a portrait-buying stage now so please continue to help me date them.

    2. What a small, funny world! I too am in a painting buying phase, we are trying to finish our parlor and the walls need art! You are very welcome, I'm thrilled to find someone who loves the same things that I do!

  3. I love painting similar to yours however , it is never found in this dry area that I live, I call it that because seems there is no art, painting or any beautiful antiques in my town . I can go to St Louis and find a few, seems to me american antiques have dried up in Missouri?


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