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A Christmas walk around the house 2015

I am walking around the place to photograph a few small things I have done to dress the house for Christmas. 

This Santa is in an old wicker sled.  I admit to spray-painting the iron part red. 

On the step-back is some ironstone .  Homemade candles hang from hooks. 

Santa and his sheep rest on the small step back.  My blog friend Janice likes whites and grays so I think she will like this.

He is an original creation by local artist Deborah Graham.

A snowy tree stays all year on the Selma pie safe. 

The Santa with the glitter sits on a ca. 1840 cobbler's bench.

The bench is elevated on a 1780 chest. I think Gitter Santa is a bit Victorian more than Prim. 

Another cupboard sports a berry wreath with a primitive Santa.

Some old artificial poinsettias from the 80's add some color near the doll house. 

My Christmas tree:  as prim as possible for me. 

A feather tree sits in a 22 inch dough bowl. 

Santa is between my polo hats. We had a polo field in front of my school.  Lots of people came and played on weekends; one would not expect a lot of such as that in Alabama. 

Going up or down ;  he is a candy container. 

A close up of the dried oranges that grace the tree. 

This little Santa has been with me forever. You could pull his bell chain and his nose would light up.  I remember my mother was wearing him as a pin about 1959 when I was 3 or 4 years old.  He is on top of a yarn winder. 

My front door. The burlap wreath is made from old bed springs.

Snipping the wires would be the hard part.

My knitting cousins did these tiny sweaters years ago. 

Another original Santa by artist Deb Graham of Alabama.

He looks just right on a worn work table with a Fraktur on the wall behind.

I did a Victorian thing and joined garland in the center of the ceiling in the library room.  I hope my Victorian friend Gina approves.

A little holly brought it all together. 

Some old poinsettias fill a well bucket on the front porch.  As you can tell, it's a sunny day in Alabama. 

A hand-felted Santa by  South Carolina artist Angela Strack stands guard over the hunter's equipment. 

Thank you for visiting my Christmas house tour!  I love reading comments so leave a message if you have a second. 


  1. Felt like I was there with you. Especially enjoyed seeing Mother's Santa so glad you have it still. She always made Christmas such a joyous time for us....I miss her so much this time of year... ( email from my sister )

  2. Oh M Gosh it's sooo pretty. I loves everything you [pictured.
    The sleigh, Santa and his sheep for sure is my favorite , love the greenery on your chandelier.
    The berry wreath the cobblers bench it's all perfect.
    I really admired the picture of the little tree with the dried oranges ,sweet picture
    I Liked it all of course.
    I am sure Gina will love the garland on the ceiling
    Then again the best has to be your Mother's pin because I am so semimetal when it comes to my Mom and Grandmother

    I am so glad you showed us around your wonderful home

    Merry Christmas "Janice

  3. You bet I approve of your garland and ivy in your Library room! Just beautiful! You made me smile with your comment about me and about Janice! :) I am not much of a primitive decorator but I do love all of your prims and how you decorate with them and place them! Your cabin looks so cozy and inviting for Christmas. I adore that feather tree with the dried orange slices, all of your wonderful Santas-especially the blue one!,the sleigh,the Santa with the sheep and the rest of the flock. I love it all Marshel! Thanks for sharing the sweet memory of your mother and the pin with us too.
    Wishing you a blessed and happy Christmas!


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