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Quilts on the porch

Every so often, on a good day, I hang three quilts out to air on the front porch. People on the road stop and take pictures sometimes.

Today's weather in Alabama is sunny and pleasant. Temps in the 70's.  I couldn't figure out how to make the camera lens adjust, so the quilts all look faded out in the bright light.  The green box on the right is the end of a divided grain bin. 

Star of Bethlehem or Texas Star?  Must be some difference that quilters can recognize.

I believe this to be Grandmother's Flower Garden. 

I never noticed the funky 1960's fabric on the back of the wicker chair I just bought until I saw this photo. 

On the far right, the edge of the settle. I bought the wicker couch a month ago from the estate of a favorite college professor who taught me English history. It's an old one with coil springs. He had told his family that it was not junk and not to give it away or haul it away. 

This is my "before" picture because today I am going to cut down the large mess on the left.  Wild hedge, a mimosa, and other strange trees have taken over the fig tree.  3/4 of the fig tree is gone anyway due to a rare ice storm we had here about three years ago.  


  1. What a cozy cabin porch, your quilts are beautiful! I have been wanting a Mimosa tree for my back yard and can't find one here in Missouri,so you can just send yours my way! :)
    Have a good day Marshel,

  2. I recognize all the names of the quilt and the last one I always called drunker's path?

    Is that your shop or home? whatever I love it
    when I first started collecting when I lived in Paducah Kentucky I wanted all primitives.
    Now I have just traditional furniture, only 2 chippy shabby cabinets in the kitchen

    Merry Christmas' Janice


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