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I am an antique trader in central Alabama....I love old houses... My log home was built in 1817 by my ancestors Benjamin and Hannah Harless Wilson .............. Outside the house are herb gardens and lots of pass-along plants................ No one in Alabama is in a hurry about anything......... Visitors think that the garden needs weeding and the furniture needs polishing....I am a direct descendant of Joseph Towne, whose two sisters Rebecca Towne Nurse and Mary Towne Easty were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 as witches. I am also a direct descendant of Pocahontas and husband John Rolfe.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dark Lady with a large red bow

This lady with the red bow slipped through an auction.  Either she is wearing some type of cap or someone didn't do a very good job repainting her hair. 

The frame is new and cheap but at least it complements the portrait. 

I think she is continental, maybe French or German.

There is a tear in the canvas above the right hand. It won't be a bad fix. 

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