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Euphius McDowell Halsey 1784-1870

She was up for sale today at a starting bid of $2,500, as the painting was attributed to Shelton Peck. I did not buy her but wanted to put her on the blog so her face would be on google images.  Born 26 May 1784 in Luzerne PA died 7 July 1870 in Trumansburg, NY.  Married 10 August 1806 in Ovid, NY to  Nicoll Halsey. He was born 8 March 1782 Suffolk NY died 3 March 1865 Calhoun, Michigan.  That is all I know. I didn't watch to see if she sold or for how much.  I pulled her info from Ancestry.  She has a lot of people on Ancestry claiming her as an ancestor.  Now they can know what she looked like. 

Back of painting. Said to be found wrapped in burlap in a barn in New York in the 1960's with her name and the artist's name attached.  One descendant calls her Euphemia Euphius McDowell Halsey.

Description: Oil on single pine panel. Female portrait with lace collar, book in her right hand against a red fringed drape, unsigned, some paint loss, 28.5"h x 23.5"w. Provenance: discovered wrapped in burlap  c.1960 in a barn in Trumansberg, NY, south of Jordan, NY where Peck lived during the first quarter of the 19c. The painting retained a label at the time identifying the sitter and artist. It has since been separated from the painting.  ADDED NOTE:  I checked the auction site.  She sold for $13,000 plus premium. 


  1. This is very cool. And Calhoun County was where my wife was born, though it was in the 1960s and not the 1860s!
    Thank you for this image.

  2. Makes one wonder, she'd be over 50 in this image were it really her.

  3. Wow, that is amazing and so cool. I just love old oil portraits! Thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog and good luck to you on the sale of your cabin, I bet it is bittersweet for you. I'm sure your new home to be is absolutely wonderful!! Lucky dog! :)

  4. Well I don't know this lady but I didn't know these old paintings sold for that much

    Thanks for all the info

  5. Hi Marshel, what a surprise to receive a package from you, and of all days, on my birthday!! Thank you so much for thinking of me with those great books! Have a great weekend!


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